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I Am Not A Rapper x Dj Nastee Naj x Eric Blair: #ClassicFriday Vol 1 – #ClassicBadBoy

Music Playlist at So the story goes that #ClassicFriday was just a trending topic that I made up one day to make fun of Nick Cannon. The term "classic" is overrated these days & is thrown around like "N*gga" or "Swag"...recklessly. The irony in Nick Cannon (or most of these o... Read more...

False Profit: Ma$e soliciting money from his congregation to fund his album?

Pastor Mason Betha is in trouble. He’s stealing from the pulpit..according to a former member of his congregation who is a rapper himself. He goes by Legacy The Jesus (we are so serious) and here’s what he says about Mase: “That’s the biggest problem man,” Legacy said of Mase’s decisi... Read more...