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Obama’s Africa Speech: Lies, Hypocrisy, and a Prescription for Continued African Dependence

Q. Is Obama better than Bush? A. It depends how you like your imperialism – with a white face or a black one. By Stephen Gowans US president Barack Obama’s speech at Accra, Ghana on July 11, 2009 was equal parts jaw dropping hypocrisy, outright fiction, sound advice for Africans if taken ... Read more...

Guest Blog: We, The People Are…Slaves, Nimrods, And Living In Fear Because of Our Government

                   Good day everyone, I sit here writing this with a hint of anger, frustration, and rage.  All of these emotions stem from being unheard by the United States of America. How is it that the citizens form this government, yet our government isn’t for us anymore? ... Read more...

Bush Calls Kanye West’s Criticism Over Hurricane Katrina The Lowest Moment Of His Presidency & Kanye’s Response

Following the New York Times' scoop on George W. Bush's upcoming memoir, NBC is out tonight with excerpts of an interview Matt Lauer conducted with the former president set to air next week. Among other things, Bush says the lowest moment of his presidency was when rapper Kanye West declared in... Read more...