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#Scandal: Season 3, Episode 7 – Everything’s Coming up Mellie [Full Video]

#Scandal: Season 3, Episode 7 – Everything’s Coming up Mellie [Full Video]
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If you told me that Scandal decided to amputate its season, and that the Nov. 14 episode was the full-on finale, I might actually believe you. Not only were there two mind-blowing reveals relating to Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Mellie’s (Bellamy Young) tragic pasts, but Bellamy absolutely outdid herself, peeling back every one of Mellie’s complicated layers until there was nothing left — nothing but a tiny nugget of Emmy gold.

Mellie’s Baby Twist & 6 More ‘Scandal’ous Moments

Because this week’s Scandal proved to be one of the most stressful hours of television all season, let’s just go through the episode WTF moment by WTF moment:

1. Gladiators get schooled. After offering up her mother as the gang’s next client — which could have been a “WTF” moment in itself — Liv told her Gladiators everything she and Jake know about Remington, and I mean everything. Things will never be the same.

2. Fitz’s father covered up Remington. Is everyone on this show somehow connected to Project Remington? Apparently yes, including Fitz’s senator father, who helped cover up his son’s involvement. Also, Papa Fitz makes Liv’s dad look like a carnival clown. He frightens me. See the next

3. Fitz’s dad rapes Mellie. Sorry, Huck’s water-boarding scene, but you just became the second most disturbing moment in Scandal history. From the second Fitz’s dad put his hand on Mellie’s leg, my jaw was on the floor, and it didn’t pick back up until the scene cut to black. Wow.

4. Quinn gets sucked into B-613. What part of teaming up with Charlie — and, more importantly, hooking up — did Quinn think was a good idea? I wasn’t the least bit surprised when he swapped her hypodermic needle for something a little stronger, causing her to unknowingly murder someone. And not just any someone. It was the guy who drove “the stairs,” aka the gang’s only link to Omar Dresden, the prisoner who supposedly flew aboard the fated plane.

5. Mr. Sally Langston is living on the D.L. Cyrus and Mellie totally wasted their time shopping for hookers online, as it turns out Sally’s husband wouldn’t be interested in any of those women — because they’re women! Cyrus and Mellie spotted Mr. Sally in a flirty exchange with Cyrus’ hubby, and something tells me Cyrus wouldn’t think twice about pimping him out for the greater good.

6. Olivia’s mother is alive! This blew my mind into tiny little pieces, and if I didn’t already to commit to listing these moments chronologically, this would be at the tippy top. Just when you think Rowan can’t get any more twisted…

7. Did Papa Fitz father Mellie’s first child? The future First Lady looked awfully uneasy during the episode’s final moments, when she and Fitz discussed her pregnancy in a flashback. “You know, if it’s a boy, he’s going to make us name him Jerry,” Fitz joked. But Millie looked like she was about ready to puke — and not from ‘morning sickness.’


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