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[EVENT] @DJAyeBoogie Presents: @TheBounce215 Skate Party

[EVENT] @DJAyeBoogie Presents: @TheBounce215 Skate Party


“The Bounce” was created simply out of fun. Nothing more, nothing less. It is well known that the majority of skate events & skate nights are held out of state; New Jersey being our closest counterpart. Therefore the concept was developed out of love for our home; an attempt to bring the energy back to the city.

Another aspect of the event is to serve as a common ground for those outside the skate community. Many view social media posts and express their interest in learning however are not sure of where to began. The Bounce will serve as the catalyst for many to learn, enjoy, and simply have fun. No more cliche events with a focal point bar minimums and cover charges … The fun begins !!!!


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