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J.A.E (@JAEyachts) – Verses For !llmind [Album]

J.A.E (@JAEyachts) – Verses For !llmind [Album]


!llmind has an impressive catalog when it comes to producing Hip-Hop. 

With the release of #BFKW two months ago and the remarkable feedback it has received, 

comes an EP by J.A.E inspired by the brilliant production entitled “Verses For !llmind”. 

This complete body of work combines visual art by LaDale Ally, timeless production by !llmind and astonishing lyricism from J.A.E.



Produced By: !llmind


Artwork By: Ladale Ally


Mixed & Mastered By: Marty Mclaren


#ExtraXtra #Yachts #VFI #Allythirteen




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