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[EVENT] Vent (@tobyvent) Presents: Music4Books – Girls High Edition 4-27-13

[EVENT] Vent (@tobyvent) Presents: Music4Books – Girls High Edition 4-27-13


VEnT would like to invite you to a special event that we will be hosting this

Saturday, 4/27/2013 at Voltage (421 N. 7th, Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123)

from 4pm to 7pm

called Music4Books.

Admission is $10.

Music4Books is concert series to raise 10 years worth of book scholarships for high school seniors in Philadelphia public schools. We are taking on this project on a school by school basis. First up is The Philadelphia High School for Girls. We hope to garner participation from alumni, parents, current students, teachers and the community in an effort to support students with a B+ average or higher that are currently involved in music. Our goal for each event is to raise at least $2000. That is the equivalent of a one-time $200 book scholarship for one student every year for 10 years. All proceeds from this event will go towards books scholarships for high school seniors. It would mean so much if you could come out and join us as we raise money for this worthy cause!



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