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Sullee J (@SulleeJ) – Voice Of The People [Music Video]

Sullee J (@SulleeJ) – Voice Of The People [Music Video]

 DOWNLOAD: “Voice of The People [prod. by Greezy Dub]”

This is the definition of what I do. This is the epitome of who I am. This is Sullee J, and what Justice means. “Voice of The People” speaks on the various issues of society today, and was made to help enlighten the ears of the listener. The sad reality is that many people, especially children today, are without healthy living conditions. These are tough issues that society seems to ignore. At times, we might not feel like we have much, but we have enough to get by. Everybody needs help, especially the helpless! The idea behind Saint Christopher Children’s Home is to assist in the provision of a building to house neglected children. These children are mainly abuse victims, neglected or abandoned children, orphans, or those placed there by court order. I told you I will better this world, whether you believe it or not. I will continue to pursue my dreams and work hard toward generating an interest in doing good whether you agree or not. I believe in living to make others smile.

[Lyrics Below]


I got a feeling
i was sent to be the leader
with mission, this disposition
is the reason my position is
speaking, with your permission
i’ma finish, the fetish for
cynic demons,
i’ma spirit, minus death,
i behead incoherent heathens
I believe in
every single one of you beings
and i’ma breathe un-til
you get the picture Im seeing
but you followers of TV
stuck up on that baywatch
Money, power, sex
got everybody brainwashed
I fight against hatred
fighting for the o-pressed
everybody hating it
nobody want to no-tice
blind eyed fools
society is broken
evil is a lifestyle
piety is ghosted
I’ma do it, do it, like a
like a, protest
throwing up the gang signs
freedom for the hopeless
money like its hang time
raining over homeless
I’ma just do it like
Jesus (pbuh) would approach this


I’m the voice of the people
voice of the citizens
voice of that pain
and the noise of the innocence
hit again by dissonance
interceptive collision it’s
problematic havoc and
drastically ambiguous
I’m speaking for the cause
I breach a few laws
peace sign up
let the index fall
I worry bout today
you worry bout tomor[row]
i ain’t eat for 6 six days
you just bought a new car
dignities a joke
seen them women at the bar
dressing so provocative
then worry about the charge
and politics is pocketing
them documents at large
religion is a scheme
and money is our God
the filthiest regimes
so pivotal it seems
treated wit injustice-
justify the means
I’m tryina’ make a change
but this, is just a dream


I act with no fear
speak for those silent
trapped in both ears
weak in both iris
the worlds still suffering
struggling with poverty
stuck within a troubling
covenant, possibly
could it be republican?
could it be democracy?
who secures the premises?
who pursues the robbery?
how am I the victim?
isn’t that hypocrisy!
I’m tryina’ feed the poor
you calling it a mockery
what about women!
still getting battered
still getting raped
man it still don’t matter
still on the verge
reconcile with the words
everything I say
I keep it real with the verbs
sick of seeing orphans
dead on the corners
mothers on crack
and the fathers cross borders
This is our life
how can you support this?
we never had a chance
only disappointments!


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