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Pledge to Stand Up for Peace & Decrease Gun Violence Today

Pledge to Stand Up for Peace & Decrease Gun Violence Today


Today at 4pm, the Senate is slated to vote on the first piece of gun control legislation in the Obama era. We all know better background checks will not end gun violence. But if closing loopholes on gun purchases saves even one life, it is entirely worth it.

To truly disrupt the culture of violence that makes homicide the #1 cause of death for 15-24 year old African Americans, D.C. legislation must combine with community action, and we are doing it. Our Pledge to Stand Up For Peace went up on Causes last week1 and has garnered over thirteen hundred signers and rising.

Behind those signatures are stories that must be told. League activists, many of whom have been personally affected by gun violence, are organizing a national storytelling campaign that moves the conversation past NRA vs. Big Government and to the inspiring young organizers who are doing the hard work to make our cities safer. By sharing their stories, we can inspire youth action and protect lives.

Will you chip in $15 so hundreds of young survivors can share their stories of triumph over gun violence?

Our campaign to end gun violence will be long and hard-won. Today’s Senate vote is the first of many policy debates. Through it all, we need to remember the tragic math: every hour, four Americans lose their lives to firearms. We can’t afford to wait one more day for action. Join our campaign and together we can triumph over gun violence.

In peace and solidarity,

1.) Here’s the petition I referenced:

In 2013, homicide is the #2 cause of death of 15-24 year olds in America. Sign the petition asking your legislator to support responsible gun ownership, including universal background checks on new firearm purchases and funding for youth violence prevention programs.

While 91% of Americans agree that universal background checks are a common sense law for gun ownership, we can’t decrease gun violence without confronting the despair and anger that leads young people to pick up the firearm in the first place. That’s why I am committed to supporting programs that promote peace and deal with the some of the structural issues that perpetuate a cycle of violence in cities across America.

A child or teen is shot with a firearm every 30 minutes in America. From the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut to the senseless killings in Chicago, our culture of violence is destroying young lives nationwide. In 2013, Congress has the opportunity to close loopholes and enact universal criminal and mental health background checks on all new gun purchases, which nearly 91% of Americans support.

This is our chance to stand behind responsible gun ownership and work on innovative solutions to chip away at our culture of violence. More importantly, this is the time to invest in programs that heal people that are affected by gun violence and work to inspire young people to solve problems peacefully.

The League of Young Voters will be submitting this petition to the local congressman of every petition signer. If you believe that the road to peace lies in the power to transform lives proactively, please share this with your friends.


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