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[EVENT] The New Mainstream: 5th Regional Build of the Polymathematic Assembly/Assembly of Original People

[EVENT] The New Mainstream: 5th Regional Build of the Polymathematic Assembly/Assembly of Original People


The New Mainstream” –the 5th Regional Build of the Polymathematic Assembly/Assembly of Original People– is happening this weekend in Philadelphia PA, Friday, April 12th to Saturday April 13th 2013. (Please see the two day activity schedule below.)

The Regional Build is the occasional mass gathering of the Polymathematic Community in North America. The RB’s aim is to further encourage the organizational, ideological and spiritual fellowship of revolutionaries in North America who unite around the idea and approach of Polymathematics in this day and time. Past Regional Builds includes,“Supreme Mathematics: The Original Woman” (March 2011), “Young, Fly and Revolutionary” (October 2010), “Arm the Spirit”(July 2010), and “Hip-Hop, Revolution and Spirituality” (March 2010).

In addition to practical training in revolutionary Polymathematic thought and action, the 5th RB will formally announce and brainstorm plans for upcoming major initiatives such as the Philly Stand Up! Broad St. Youth Walk, the 94.7 WBUR Community Radio Station, and the Peace House, the Peace Spot and the Peace Park. For anyone interested in the new revolutionary movement in Philadelphia and the United States this is a must attend event. All allies and concerned revolutionaries should attend and build.

The 5th Regional Build

Activity Schedule

                                                 Day 1: Friday April 12th 2013 “Islam is Mathematics and Mathematics is Islam!”

Regional Build Inaugural Dinner and Lecture

New Africa Center

Muslim American Museum and Archive

4243 Lancaster Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19104


Suggested Donation: $3

Come fellowship with the revolutionary brothers and sisters of the Polymathematic Community at the inaugural event of the 5th RB. Enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by the Peace House Catering Company and a powerful lecture by Our Special Guest, Filmmaker and Islamic ScholarBrother Khidr Amari Yisrael joining us from Baltimore, MD. He will presenting his research on the important topic:

Bani Israel (The Children of Israel) and the Quran”

3pm Doors Open

4pm Start of Lecture

6pm Dinner

                                                      Day 2: Saturday April 13th 2013 “Revolutionary Community Building in Action”

Breakfast and Interactive Community Tour

Peace House Creative Space

1320 N Taney St. Philadelphia PA 19121


Suggested Donation: $2

Join the revolutionary brothers and sisters of the Polymathematic Community for a delicious breakfast at the Peace House Creative Space in North Philadelphia, followed by an interactive walking tour led by revolutionary leader Comrade Brother Tommy Joshua surveying some of the concrete revolutionary community work and sustainable community projects led by the Polymathematic Assembly.

8am Breakfast

10am Depart for Tour

12pm Tour Ends at Peace Spot

Mass Civilization Class


The Peace Spot

1619 Ridge Ave

Philadelphia, PA

Free Admission

Mass Civilization Class is the regular mass joint assembly of the sisters (Earths) and brothers (Gods) of the Polymathematic Assembly. Come build directly with the leaders, organizers and supporters of the Polymathematic Community in the spirit of “each one teach one”.Scheduled presenters include Brother LeviJoynes(“Revelation and the Survival of the Original People”) Brother Rell Stylez(“The New Mainstream”) Sister Keturah Caesar (“Dynamic Youth and Community Organizing”), Brother Terrell Glover(“On Revolutionary Ideology and Practice”) and Brother Pili X(The Significance of Our Political Work”). Comrades from F.E.T.E. (Finding Empowerment Through Education)will be also sharing with us their perspective and experience in community institution building and revolutionary educational work. Come and Build! Peace!


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