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#TakeoverThursdays S.K. (@PhillySK) – Somebody Tell Em’ (Prod By Pickee P)

#TakeoverThursdays S.K. (@PhillySK) – Somebody Tell Em’ (Prod By Pickee P)


“It’s better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it.”
– Christian Slater

With this latest release in S.K.’s new #TakeoverThursdays Series, he leaves the ring and enters the firing range throwing shots at whoever stands in front of the bull’s-eye. The Pickee P produced track “Somebody Tell Em” is a warning shot to a slew of whack emcees and serves as a preview of what is to come. Sharpening is jab in the ring and perfecting his aim at the range… So what do you think is next? While working on his forthcoming project that is as yet untitled, S.K. has only one message for the competition: “Get ready, I’m coming”

So…Somebody Tell Em’

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