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Recee CJ (@ReceeCJ) – Hey (We Are Penn State)

Recee CJ (@ReceeCJ) – Hey (We Are Penn State)

Penn State

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Recee Cj, born Chancey Johnson, is not your typical Philadelphia MC. Raised in the turmoil plagued West section of Philadelphia, Recee discovered his passion for hip-hop at an early age but didn’t take it seriously until age 16. Music was a way for Reece, as an intelligent young African American male, to express himself and escape his melancholy surroundings. 16 was a transformational age for Reece in multiple ways; this is also the age that he began his dive into the entertainment field as a local event promoter. After directing a few music videos for himself, he branched out to directing music videos for others. In February 2012, Recee finally released his first full length mixtape “Big Dreams” which is currently available on (Link:
Recee is currently a student at Penn
State University. Reece Cj is also the flagship artist for Dead Broke Entertainment, a sub company derived from the well known car club group “Dead Broke Chevys” which was founded by his uncle “Chevy Black”. Reece is gearing up for the release of his latest single “Hey (We Are Penn State), an ode to the school he currently attends. This song shows that amid the scandal plaguing his school, similar to the violence plaguing his city, Reece has the unique ability to find the silver lining in unpleasant situations.


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