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Aaron McGruder Issues Statement Regarding Status of Uncle Ruckus Film

Aaron McGruder Issues Statement Regarding Status of Uncle Ruckus Film

After the jump we have a statement from Aaron McGruder regarding the Uncle Ruckus film based off of the popular animated series The Boondocks.

A couple weeks back we broke the news of a Kickstarter fund being launched for a feature film spinoff of the popular animated series The Boondocks. The film entitled “The Uncle Ruckus Movie”  would obviously feature the character Uncle Ruckus and although you would think any Boondocks news is good news, the announcement of the film has caused quite a stir on the interwebs with people wanting additional deets about the returns of the animated series of whence Ruckus came from.  I didn’t think it was that serious but evidently the negative backlash has been so intense that on the Boondocks Facebook page, creator Aaron McGruder had to issue a statement:

To all the fans who have backed the project so far, you have my
sincere gratitude. Your support means a lot.

To all the fans who are really pissed off, my deepest apologies. It
was not our intention to cause undue stress, only to entertain and
make a funny movie.

But to all the fans, love or hate Ruckus, thanks!

-Aaron McGruder

As of this writing the Kickstarter campaign has garnered donations of about $65,000 which is a bit less than half of what the producers are looking for in the tune of $200,000.  With a tad over two weeks left to go funding of the project is gonna be tight so it’ll be interesting to see if the producers hit their goal. As for a fourth season of The Boondocks, we know its happening and we even asked Exec Producer Carl Jones about it. That said it certainly doesn’t look like the show would come back this year and to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised to see the second season of Black Dynamite aka Carl Jones’ other exec produced show happen before Boondocks returns or even the 50 Cent Animated series for FOX which is being written by Jones.

What do you guys think? Do you want the Uncle Ruckus film or not?

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