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And 1 Streetball Legend Tyron “Alimoe” Evans Has Passed Away

And 1 Streetball Legend Tyron “Alimoe” Evans Has Passed Away

Tyron “Alimoe” Evans was a unique talent. Hailing from Harlem, the guy referred to as “The Black Widow” possessed one of the craziest handles you’ll ever see on a baller, let alone someone who stood at a striking 6’7”. Sadly, news has surfaced that Evans suffered a seizure, according to his friend Aaron “AO” Owens, and died.

While people mourn and remember Alimoe’s legacy, as you can see in the tweets below, we’ll leave you with this answer he once gave HoopsVibe back in 2011.

What do you want to be remembered for? As somebody that made somebody else get up & do better. They don’t have to let me know that I lit their fire; just go out and do it. They don’t have to thank me and bring me out to the game; just go do it. Just knowing that that little kid watching me took something home with them. See, basketball is a teacher of life. The lessons you learn in basketball – don’t be selfish, work hard, and treat everybody good – they’re the same lessons in life.”


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