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DJ J-Rell (@TheJ_Rell) x Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (@MiguelAtwdFrgsn) – Suite For Dilla

DJ J-Rell (@TheJ_Rell) x Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (@MiguelAtwdFrgsn) – Suite For Dilla

DJ J-Rell carefully combines 7 tracks created by the late J.Dilla with instrumentation
cted by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson & his 60 Piece Orchestra.
Whether you’re
a fan of Jay Dee, live music, blends, or just a lover of music
you’ll find something to enjoy about this project.

“After countless rotation of Miguel’s “Timeless: Suite For Ma Dukes” project, I always visioned how it’d be if Dilla was able to perform his creations w/ a 60 piece orchestra [similar to a MTV Unplugged]. Once I get an idea I won’t stop thinking about it til I bring it to fruition. So I share w/ ya’ll something I’ve created a couple months ago & felt it was only right I allow Dilla fans & music lovers alike to embrace the result w/ me…Enjoy”


released 15 February 2013
*Ma Dukes
*James Dewitt Yancey
*Miguel Atwood-Ferguson & the Suite For Ma Dukes Orchestra
[ Purchase Timeless: Suite For Ma Dukes here: ]



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