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#PodcastWednesdays TV: Kia Denise (@MissKiaDenise) FromMyStyle2Urs.Com Web Launch

#PodcastWednesdays TV: Kia Denise (@MissKiaDenise) FromMyStyle2Urs.Com Web Launch


Says Kia Denise:

Well here it is! The runway video from our Website Launch Event! I had the pleasure of styling these beautiful models. I stuck to a specific color scheme. Black, red, blue, tan, and faux fur! I’ve been wanting to style with harness for a long time , I love the extra umph it gives to a simple outfit. I pulled from Revamped (As always lol),  EYB Online Boutique, and Black Caviar who’s website will be up soon! All of the pieces tied perfectly into each other.

As I stood backstage I could hear the audience clap for each model that walked out, as a stylist putting on a runway show hearing that was like music to my ears. As I took my final walk with my model I couldn’t hold my tears back. All of my family and friends were there to help celebrate a new beginning in my life. This was the best day ever!

 – Kia Denise

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