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Sound Village (@SoundVillageEnt) Presents: Koby Murphy (@KobyMurph)

Sound Village (@SoundVillageEnt) Presents: Koby Murphy (@KobyMurph)

The first artist is Koby Murphy a youth from the inner city of Philly, he has a dynamic presence on his records! His meekness in person allows you to relate to him even deeper due to his humility and articulate representation of his world views and life experiences. The two cuts featured in the email are from his forthcoming mixtape “Atypical”.  We also included a graphic from his first mixtape; which is currently being remixed and mastered, but is available on

-Red Cups Feat Atare GodSpeed


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  1. Gill Darbo
    December 3rd, 2012 11:38

    Keep it up yall! -Gill


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