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#IAmNotARapper Presents: #TheNine: Sincerely Syreeta (@SincerelyReeta)

#IAmNotARapper Presents: #TheNine: Sincerely Syreeta (@SincerelyReeta)
As you all may know, #TheNine is an interview series where we ask 9 questions of whomever we are speaking with. Within those nine questions, you will be able to have a clear yet concise insight into the mind of the interviewed & possibly be left wanting more… in which case ( judging by your comments/emails) a part 2 will take place. Think of it as the transcribed version of the podcast#TheNine has many meanings, each of which will be revealed little by little with every interview in the form of facts about the number 9. 
This time around we caught up to Sincerely Syreeta (SS), a freelance journalist for Ebony Magazine and creator of SS is strong supporter of the Philly music and as a result, she recently served as a guest judge for Villa’s artist competition,  “The Coalition”. The competition featured teams that were comprised and led by: Chill Moody (Team Nice Things), Curran J. Swint of Kings Rule Together (Team KRT), William Nearn of Abstract Thought (Team Abstract) and singer, Beano (Team Beano).
9 Facts About Syreeta:
1. Syreeta graudated from Temple University
2. Syreeta has 3 twitter accounts, 2 of which she doesnt use (She might kil me for that one)
3. Syreeta sleeps with her laptop
4. Syreeta did NOT start this year
5. Syreeta is also the mother of 2 beautiful daughters
6. Syreeta’s name means “Companion & trustworthy friend”
7. Syreeta did a bid at Villa’s corporate office… when it was still Sneaker Villa’s corporate office \
(Note: It was actually still Villa then but for comedic purposes… it wasnt.)
8. Syreeta is the Co-Founder of the Temple Non-Traditional Student Union
9. Syreeta also freelances for Ebony Magazine
A quote from Syreeta:
Until you know who you are, you’ll never live life and you’ll never know happiness. To those of the past, thank you. To those of the present, you’re welcomed. To those of future, God Bless you; you don’t know who’s headed your way, she’s one for the history books.

1. How did you become involved in “The Coaliton: ONE”?

It was random as hell actually. Beano contacted me and asked if I would come on as a guest judge. I was already familiar with the event so I was excited to get involved with it.

2. What type of music critic would you categorize yourself as?

 I honestly don’t consider myself a music critic which is why I found it interesting that they invited me on. I love music though and I respect artists and their craft. At the same time, I can also honestly voice my opinion when I hear something that I don’t personally like. If an artist has great stage presence but is lyrically challenged, I’m not giving a five star rating when there’s clearly room for improvement.  If a “singer” can hold a note but possesses no voice control or is unaware of how to tweak a song for their vocal range, again, I’m not giving a five star rating.

3. What was the first thing, being a guest judge, that stood out to you at the event?

 Location. It was held at Sigma Sounds which I thought was a perfect venue given its rich history and the mission behind The Coalition.

4. Was this your first experience judging an event that is solely based on talent and not popularity?

 Yes. But quite honestly, I think popularity did have something to do with those who were chosen to be on the teams. The people who performed weren’t just picked up off the street; they had a following in their own right and had garnered enough attention which apparently caught the team leader’s eyes.


5. Is it possible to be completely unbiased in these types of situations? (There have already been talks of rematches and recounts)

 Personally, it was possible for me. I picked who I thought delivered the best. We judged using certain criteria: creativity, cohesiveness, crowd participation and stage presence. In all areas Team Nice Things (Chill Moody’s team) excelled. They came prepared, they executed flawlessly and I was impressed with their delivery. Has Chill been featured on the site? Yes, but had his team failed to deliver, they wouldn’t have gotten my vote. Judging by the reaction of the crowd to the announcement, I’d say the majority of them agreed with our ruling–except those who clearly supported one of the other teams.

6. Which artist (or team) impressed you the most?

 Chill’s team definitely impressed me the most, which is why they emerged as the winners [for my ruling].

7. You cover a lot of events which gives you a different eye to view live productions with. How would you have changed or added to the event?

Bill, Chill, Curran, Beano and the Villa team put a lot of hard work and effort into producing The Coalition and I greatly respect them for that. From what I heard there are more events to come under “The Coalition” branding. Practice makes perfect so I think it will only get better from here after they do their debrief of the event. It would have been better if they had an SS Team though.

8. Who would be on #TeamSS?

Deejay- DJ G33k [of course]
Rapper- Asia Sparks
Singer- Charmane Martin
Dancer- Nykia Davis-Bradley (you all don’t know her but she can dance her ass off)
Artist: One of my former students that I mentored at W.D. Kelley School ; she’s underage so I wont give her name but she’s talented like no other!
I would mix some of the known people with the unknown. Philly’s prone to being cliquish so I would shake things up a little in that respect.

9. How high does this event set the bar, creativity wise?

 I think this is a damn good start to creatively promoting much needed unity in Philly and I look forward to seeing it continue.  I would even like to see this reproduce and packaged for schools with a city-wide, grand finale event featuring teams from various schools throughout Philly. The leaders could be influential artists of each genre (i.e. your Chill’s, Curran’s, etc.) and they’d work closely with the students. It could double as a form of mentorship. I don’t know, just a thought. If they end up running with this idea though, I better be involved since I came up with it, LOL.

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Creator of Ebony Magazine freelancer. Temple University graduate. I don't drop tears carelessly, I don't give loyalty freely.

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