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@Instagram @Pinterest …You See This?: @Tumblr Launches NEW Photo App [PHOTOS]

@Instagram @Pinterest …You See This?: @Tumblr Launches NEW Photo App [PHOTOS]

Photoset upload

Tumblr just released a standalone iPhoneapp that lets you group pictures together to better tell a story.


The app is super simple to use. You can use pre-existing photos from your camera roll or take new ones, and then group them together to make a photoset.

That multi-photo presentation is a key feature that distinguishes Photoset from Instagram, Facebook Camera, or Twitter’s built-in photo sharing tool.

Once you organize your set of photos, you can share them on a website with its own unique link, or share with friends on social networks including Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter.

Intriguingly, it uses a new website,, instead of

The app is free and is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch


Launch the app from your iOS home screen
Photoset gives you a quick tutorial on how to get started
Choose photos from your camera roll or take a new one
Arrange your photos
Add a caption, location, and date
Now you can upload, with Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter as options
Click the grid icon at the bottom to add photos or hit the camera to snap a new pic
Click and hold on an image to rearrange it
Use Options to get more sophisticated with captions, locations, and dates
Type a caption
Click location to get even more specific
Toggle Show location to the
Hit date if the photos weren't taken that day
Toggle Show date to
Once you've filled in all the details, hit Upload to
Choose to either upload to or to your Tumblr account
Go back to the previous screen and hit Upload
Your photoset is now live on the Web!

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