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Steve Wozniak: Cloud Computing Will Cause ‘Horrible Problems In The Next Five Years’

Steve Wozniak: Cloud Computing Will Cause ‘Horrible Problems In The Next Five Years’

Steve Wozniak really, really doesn’t like the cloud.

The Apple cofounder slammed cloud computing during a Q&A after a recent performance of The Agony And The Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, the controversial play by Mike Daisy.

“I really worry about everything going to the cloud,” Wozniak told the audience, according to a transcript from Agence France-Presse. “I think it’s going to be horrendous. I think there are going to be a lot of horrible problems in the next five years.”

Wozniak didn’t offer much in the way of specifics about what these “horrible problems” would be, but he did hint at concerns about signing away rights to digital property stored in the cloud and generally losing ownership of that property.

“I want to feel that I own things,” Wozniak said at the event. “A lot of people feel, ‘Oh, everything is really on my computer,’ but I say the more we transfer everything onto the web, onto the cloud, the less we’re going to have control over it.”

We’re sure Apple’s PR department must be just thrilled about his thoughts on the cloud, as well as his very attendance at the play, which criticizes the company’s labor practices in China. Then again, Woz has been opening his mouth a lot lately – criticizing Siri, praising the Microsoft Surface tablet – so perhaps Apple is used to it by now.


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