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Help @SeanFalyon Be Everywhere [Video]

Help @SeanFalyon Be Everywhere [Video]


Four years ago, I had a loved one pass away from cancer. This put life in perspective for me, and made me realize that if I wanted to pursue my dream, I had to get out and get to it.  The #SFBE slogan, that you might have seen online or heard in my music, started around that time as well. I made it a point to go any and everywhere in an effort to network, perform, gain knowledge, and spread my music. (Sean Falyon BEverywhere)

I’m a self-financed and self-managed artist, and with my third and best project on its way, SFBE III, I’m looking to my friends and supporters to help promote, market, and distribute it the way it deserves. I’m coming to the people who I make the music for, and asking to please help me “BE EVERYWHERE.”

I know the question on your mind is, “How much does this guy want?” Well the goal is $5,000. Don’t worry, there is an actual plan for the money, that doesn’t include booz and other bad things, lol. After the project is released, I plan to set up shows across the U.S. This requires:


  • Travel and lodging for my dj and myself
  • Merchandise to promote the project, such as physical CDs, posters, t-shirts, and more.
  • A cameraman will be hired to document these shows.
  • Some music videos will be made for songs off the project.


I’m a firm believer in one hand washes the other, and everyone that pledges will be rewarded. There will be different incentives depending on the amount you pledge to the campaign, but nobody will go home empty handed. Music is my life and I want to continue to share it with the world. If you can’t contribute dollars, please use the share tools to spread the word about this campaign and give others the opportunity to contribute.



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