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WTF: Is This Your Son? Lil Mouse (@MouseMyers) – Get Smoked [Video]

WTF: Is This Your Son? Lil Mouse (@MouseMyers) – Get Smoked [Video]

This little boy is 13… I cant even process this right now to write more. Give me some time and we shall revisit.

Updated: As a parent, I see this in many ways, but I come mainly from a place of disgust. This child has no idea what he is talking about and obviously his parents are pimping him out for financial gain, which is commonplace in 2012. The fact that he is promoting this music to children in his demographic is even worse. This generation coming up now has too much free access to information they shouldn’t be privy to as it is. When I was younger, we were sheltered from seeing certain images or hearing certain things for our own good. I used to look forward to getting older so I could be exposed to those things but I didn’t feel like I was missing anything because I had entertainment and educational materials (edu-tainment) which catered to my age group.  There is no filter now, everything is completely raw for all to see and hear. This song and music of its kind is destructive. I don’t blame “Lil Mouse” because honestly he is a product of what he has been exposed to. He is a child who has been brainwashed and “hoe’d” out. Jay-Z said it best “You cant knock the hustle” so salute to the new Joe Jacksons of the world.. I guess.


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