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@BoogiemanDela x @Fakebizmighty x @steveuntytled x @Artiphacts – Everything I Love [Video]

@BoogiemanDela x @Fakebizmighty x @steveuntytled x @Artiphacts – Everything I Love [Video]

The first single from Biz Mighty and Boogieman Dela’s highly anticipated album “Sumptin For Da Children” set to release June 3rd.

Boogieman Dela x Biz Mighty x Untytled x Wesmanchild have collaborated on a soon to be classic album. The concept of this album is to give the children a good message and be positive role models for them. There has been a surplus of violence and criminal activity in the city and it has to stop. The children of today are headed on the wrong path and Boogieman Dela and Biz Mighty have put together a project to give them positive instructions to live by.



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