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[EVENT] The Family Of Dennal Joiner Presents: All White Benefit Gala Fundaraiser

[EVENT] The Family Of Dennal Joiner Presents: All White Benefit Gala Fundaraiser


On February 10 2012,  Dennal Joiner a devoted father and husband, was tradgically struck and thrown 100 feet, by an out of control car near the Philadelphia Zoo, as he stood on the sidewalk waiting for a transit bus to get home from his job as a School Bus driver.  After this unfortunate accident, Dennal lay in a Philadelphia hospital on a ventilator, with a swollen brain for two weeks, along with multiple injuries to his body.  As a result of this accident Dennal suffered from a severe frontal lobe brain injury, a punctured and collapsed lung, broken ribs, a broken arm, and two severly broken legs. He has had to undergo several long hours of extensive surgeries and a skin graph.

For almost 2 months, Dennal received his daily nutrition via a feeding tube to his stomach and breathed only as a result of a tracheotomy assisted by a constant flow of oxygen. Dennal has just begun to speak using small words and only moves his body with the assistance of family and medical staff.



Dennal Joiner is a native of Southwest Philadelphia and adores his children, family and friends.

He is known as a fun-loving and true friend to all he comes in contact with. Dennal always knows how to have a good time, anytime. Whenever there was a family event Dennal could always be expected to attend without any doubt, he loves being around his family. Dennal could be counted on to lend his hand to help anyone in need, no questions asked or anything expected back in return. Dennal has a heart of gold.


Dennal’s previous occupation was as a construction worker.  After he was laid off, he found a job as a school bus driver in order to continue to support and provide for his family during these hard economic times. Dennal is an avid sports fan and loved to play basketball with his friends. Dennal’s enjoyed an active lifestyle and is very fit conscience.




We are asking for financial support for Dennal, because he and his family are in need, to help to maintain and continue the proper and professional and general daily care that he will need beyond his hospital and rehabilitative stays.  Dennal is a giving spirit and would not ask for this himself, so his family, friends and co-workers are his voice of representation for him in his time of extenuating and relative need, as he has always been there for them all before.




We are grateful, thankful and overwhelmingly appreciative, of any help that we receive in our advantageous mission to raise funds for Dennal. You can help by attending our upcoming fundraisers or support us by donating to our cause via our donation button on this website.  You can spread the word of Dennal’s tragic story through empathy and compassion and ask your friends and family to donate or support our fundraisers as well.



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