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Tell Mayor Bloomberg: “Stop Redlining New York City Schools!”

Tell Mayor Bloomberg: “Stop Redlining New York City Schools!”


New York City’s Community School Districts are being redlined: the practice of systemically denying resources to poor and minority neighborhoods.


According to a new report by the Schott Foundation for Public Education, because of New York City’s policies and practices, the city’s poor, Black and Hispanic students’ educational outcomes are more determined by where they live than their abilities. Elements of education redlining include:

  • Poor and minority students systematically pushed into already-underperforming schools;
  • Teachers with the least experience placed in high-need schools, and paid the least (New York CIty has a $8,000+ pay gap between teachers in schools with the highest and lowest enrollment of Hispanic and African American students);
  • Over-reliance on standardized test scores to assess school quality; and;
  • Disproportionate number of schools in redlined neighborhoods slotted for closure.

If education redlining is allowed to continue and worsen here, this injustice threatens every community across the country.


We must demand that Mayor Bloomberg base his education policies on equity, not ideology.

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Tell Mayor Bloomberg: "Stop Redlining New York City Schools!"


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