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@IAmNotARapper58 x @DJQlassick Present: #ClassicFriday Vol. 27 – #TimelessQlassicks

@IAmNotARapper58 x @DJQlassick Present: #ClassicFriday Vol. 27 – #TimelessQlassicks

The Definition Speaks:

“I thought I told you that we won’t stop…” that’s right, just a minor hiatus, had to get the BIRTHDAY out the way and all of that…so I’m back!!! With something a little special, after MY birthday always comes something extra special, MOTHER’S DAY, and so in honor of that I threw together a ‘Timeless Classics’ mix…no not the “I’ll always love my mama…” or “mama you know I Love youuuuu…” no we can do the sappy stuff later, this is something ya mama can shake her rump to!!! The purpose of this is to just feel good, move, reminisce, and have a good time. Shout out to the homie Spit featuring this for #ClassicFriday on and all M-Day weekend!! Remember be thankful for your mother, and above all else, THANK HER!!

I Am Not A Rapper x DJQlassick Presents: #ClassicFriday Vol. 27 – #TimelessQlassicks


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