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@EvanPolk Presents: “EVAN!” Web Series Episode 1 @EvanPolkShow

@EvanPolk Presents: “EVAN!” Web Series Episode 1 @EvanPolkShow

Good Laughs Can Come in Small Packages
Comedian Evan Polk Releases Web Series, Evan


It began with a YouTube video.


A guy with a camera, Mark Randall III, was introduced to a guy with some jokes, Evan Polk, by another guy with good instinct. (There are some ladies in this story, promise)  These guys and a lady (see!) met and decided to create Evan, a comedic web series.


Two casting calls later, 3 others joined the team, actors Cyle Green (as Allen),  Jacqueline Vaughn (as Tiff) and comedian Reggie Conquest (as Reggie).


Evan follows Evan, his two best friends, Allen & Reggie, and his girlfriend, Tiff in Philadelphia. They have navigating the mean streets of Philly under control – it’s smoothly making it through their 20s that’s the challenge.



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