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Employment Rate For Black Males In Milwaukee Only 45 percent

Employment Rate For Black Males In Milwaukee Only 45 percent
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This is alarming… Their are black males in Milwaukee?

Only about 45-percent of working age black men in Metro Milwaukee had jobs in 2010. That’s according to a study of census data by UW-Milwaukee.
A report released yesterday showed that the area’s black male employment was 53-percent just before the 2008 recession hit. And in 1970, almost three-of-every-four black males age 16-to-64 had jobs – just 12-percentage points less than white men. Now, that racial gap is almost 33-percent, the largest in the country. And only Buffalo and Detroit had lower percentages of black males working than Milwaukee in 2010.
Marc Levine, head of the UWM Center for Economic Development, says the region has had a long, steady decline in manufacturing jobs over the last four decades. Also, the UW report blames what it calls “mass incarceration.”
It said around five-thousand working-age black males a year have been jailed or imprisoned in Milwaukee over the last decade – including a growing number of non-violent drug offenders. The report also blames inadequate transportation from the city to the suburbs, where factories have done better than in the city in recent years.
Percentage of Black working-age (16-64) males employed in forty selected cities:
Detroit 43.0%
Buffalo 43.9%
Milwaukee 44.7%
Cleveland 47.7%
Chicago 48.3%
St. Louis 51.3%
Philadelphia 51.7%
Phoenix 52.0%
Indianapolis 52.6%
Cincinnati 52.6%
Richmond 52.7%
Memphis 53.2%
Pittsburgh 53.3%
Hartford 53.3%
San Francisco 53.3%
Miami 53.4%
New Orleans 53.5%
Oakland 53.8%
Omaha 53.8%
Las Vegas 54.2%
Birmingham 54.3%
Newark 54.5%
Columbus 54.7%
Jacksonville 54.8%
Los Angeles 54.8%
Kansas City 55.1%
Seattle 56.3%
Charlotte 56.5%
San Diego 57.1%
Portland 57.4%
New York 57.4%
Baltimore 57.5%
Houston 58.3%
Nashville 58.4%
Denver 58.8%
Atlanta 59.0%
Minneapolis 59.3%
Boston 59.7%
Dallas 61.0%
Washington, D.C. 66.6%


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