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99% Occupied Film [Trailer]

99% Occupied Film [Trailer]

We are all now 99% Occupied with the case of Trayvon Martin but after we’ve marched with outrage the fact remains his murder is a heart breaking reminder of who is valuable and who is not. The ancestors at the NYC African Burial Ground were bought and sold as property by the 1% of that time, they now lie beneath the feet of the 1% of our time, calling to action the 99% to unite over Racism: to understand and destroy it no matter our complexions.

“The cries of the original occupiers of Wall Street now resonate through our voices to confront the system of racism” Dami Akinnusi (Filmmaker!/99OccupiedFilm
#ABGancestors connect with the film

I created the vibe for this piece with excellent music:
“Civil War” by Immortal Technique (feat. Killer Mike, Brother Ali & Chuck D)
Download ‘The Martyr’ free courtsesy of Tech here:
Opening composition by UK producer Dan Axtel



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