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The Procreation of Relationships

The Procreation of Relationships

Purpose is the mother of all relationships and our past decisions are certainly their father. The choices we make determine our future experiences and our thoughts are the sexual intercourse of the mind. Every idea is like a sperm cell and the one that is carried into action is the immaculate conception, or seed planted in the soil of experience.

Relationships are inescapable and are responsible for all activity in our vast universe. It is relationships alone which sow the fabric of time that make up the cosmic wardrobe worn by the Creator. Every galaxy, solar system, planet, human, animal, plant, mineral, atom and so on are involved in a rhythmic dance of patterns, cycles and interwoven relationships.

These relationships vary in motion, longevity and magnitude produced in different elements and various forms of life. Everything in existence is the result of two forces interacting with each other and the harmony as well as the friction between them, produce something unique comprised of some of the qualities of both forms, as well as the beings that produce them. Knowing this it is undeniable that our relationships with our environment and other living beings are directly responsible for the quality of our lives. Even though we seem to be individuals, there are multiple life forms and forces operating within physically, mentally and spiritually.

We are the result of different parts operating as one system. As a result of this complexity, we are not always in tune and in agreement with ourselves. This internal disagreement results in illness, dissatisfaction, misery and pain. Thus we are constantly faced with the endless challenge of getting all of our pieces to work together in agreement. The better our components agree – the happier and healthier we become. Yet it is not that simple for we are a part of a larger system, which is a part of an even greater organization and so on – in an endless pattern of energy.

Should we forget this profound awareness, our bodies and those we interact with are quick to remind us. The beauty of this universal system is that it is naturally self-correcting. It is all energy, seeking to redistribute its elements to where they are most needed, resulting in the cycles of life and death. Even socially our relationships begin and end to distribute our energy where it is most needed to operate effectively towards ever-changing goals, we only seek to understand in our limited awareness. There is a great synchronicity which perfectly coordinates all events, from the motion of our planets to the smallest molecules. The illusion of individuality, caused by our ego, easily blinds us from a far-bigger and much smaller picture. It would undoubtedly be a heavy burden to always consider the grand scale of our actions and it wouldn’t be long before this overwhelming awareness begin to impede on our own ability to function within our own capacity. We would have to completely lose our individual consciousness to gain the awareness of all. Think about how stressful it is just being exposed to the daily problems of the affairs of humanity in your personal life. Imagine having to mediate between the internal conflicts of our own biology. Picture leading the strategy of a full-scale cellular war when there is an onset of disease in your own body.

Somehow it all seems to know how to workout, without us ever being aware of the minute details. Thus lifeforms of a greater magnitude can hardly be concerned with the subtle details of our earthly conflicts. When placed in a larger context, our concerns, worries, fear, arguments and irritations are of little consequence. Try to remind yourself of this great understanding when your problems seem to big to handle. You are in a relationship with higher forces who depend on you to function in harmony and give little thought to the minor irritations that seem so devastating on the limited scale of your perception. Focus on a peaceful existence and allow others to enter and exit your space with minimal conflict. There is no need to worry for regardless of the circumstances, life will continue to go on, so there is no choice but to relate.


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