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Why Parents Should Restrain Children From Using Cell Phones

The challenge of electromagnetic fields (EMF) is progressively turning into a social challenge. EMF is found anywhere electricity flows, these unseen waves are resulting in injury to the health of all living organisms. Because of developments in technologies, EMFs is often discovered in bedrooms, classrooms, playgrounds, and essentially everywhere thanks to our ever growing wireless world.

Technology is quickly becoming more accessible to younger generations, causing the youngest of kids to participate in significant cell phone and TV activity. It is regrettable, as developing children are more vulnerable to the risks brought on by EMFs. Cell phones particularly have grow to be a significant concern, with kids as young as 10 years old possessing them.

A recent review with lead author John Wargo, Ph. D. professor of Environmental Risk and Policy at Yale University demonstrates just how harmful EMFs can be for children. Analysis demonstrates that due to developing organs, lower bone density of the skull, lower body weight, and a less effective blood brain barrier, children are extremely susceptible to cell phone radiation. This is particularly true for unborn children, with study exhibiting that microwave radiation emitted by cell phones adversely influencing fetal brains.

It had been uncovered in a study performed in 2007 that 54% of children born from mothers who used cell phones had behavior disorders. And more, the percentage jumped to 80% if the children grew up talking on cell phones regularly.

The human brain is composed of water, sugars, and fats. Microwaves released by cell phones agrivate these substances and permeate the brain, causing adverse changes. Scientists from a new Greek analysis found that critical regions of the brain such as the hippocampus, cerebellum, and frontal lobe – all crucial for learning, memory, and other functions – are adversely affected by microwave radiation, even at levels below International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection guidelines. Particularly, 143 proteins in the brain were adversely affected by radio frequency radiation over the 8 month study.

Even though entirely eliminating exposure is near very unlikely, taking steps to prevent exposure to cellphone radiation is critical. Merely talking on your cell phone less will result in less radiation exposure. Just placing your cell phone as far away from you as possible rather than in your pocket limits exposure considerably. Even though it is a small amount, it is a very simple solution. Reducing exposure to children is particularly important, as they are quite susceptible.


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