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Pep Love – Hip-Hop, My Friend [Video]

Pep Love – Hip-Hop, My Friend [Video]

“Hip Hop My Friend” – Pep Love
Director: Jordan Ching (@northboundfilms)
Assistant Director: Jerome Palencia (@northboundfilms)
Director of Photography: Chris Gonzalez
Colorist: Bernardo Josue
Grip: Matt Schip
Cast: William Broughton, Michael White, Nanea Ciprazo
Solo Dancer: Levi “iDummy” Allen

Special Thanks to: Mike Ciprazo, Lorenzo Escalante, turfin 247, the break dancers (Josh sticky jimenez, Key lo, Mcflezzy) and graffiti artists (Vanessa AGANA espinoza, Leslie DYME lopez, Peps 357), the scraper boys, and everyone else that made this video possible.


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