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Mic Check 1-Two Presents: Prom Dress Drive – Nominate A “Special Girl” to Win!

Mic Check 1-Two Presents: Prom Dress Drive – Nominate A “Special Girl” to Win!

My name is Lana Adams and I am the co-founder of Mic Check 1-Two!, an organization designed to create community-level opportunities to encourage people to become vessels of change.

Mic Check 1-Two! is hosting a Prom Dress Drive in mid-March to benefit underprivileged young ladies who cannot afford to buy a prom dress for their senior prom.
The actual prom dress drive will be open to all young ladies, but we will select one lucky girl who will have a custom-made dress designed especially for her. We will have her make-up and hair done for the prom and the entire journey will be filmed.
Mic Check 1-Two! is hosting a formal fund-raising gala in April, 2012, which will raise money to fund our panel discussions and community involvement efforts. The winner of the custom-made dress will attend the gala where the short film about her journey will be broadcasted for our guests.
**This is where I need your help! We would like you to nominate a young lady who may be facing economic hardship and is unable to afford a prom dress. We ask that you submit a short letter with your nomination, stating why you feel your nominee is the right girl to receive the custom-made dress and royal treatment. Even if your nominee is not selected, she will still qualify to attend the prom dress drive and select a donated dress of her choice! **
  • Candidate must be in her senior year of high school with a strong academic/attendance record
  • Nomination letter must include a little information about the young woman (her interests, her struggle (if any) and  any obstacles she faces or has had to overcome)
  • Her senior prom must take place between April and June of 2012.
  • Please send all nomination letters to by February 24, 2012.
  • Please indicate the date of the senior prom for your nominee in the letter
Thank you so much for your consideration!


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