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Job Black – I Came Up (Music Video) + I Am Jon Black (Mixtape)

Job Black – I Came Up (Music Video) + I Am Jon Black (Mixtape)

Job Black -I Am Jon Black (Mixtape)

An MC with witty lyrics, a wide range of sonically-astounding rhyme patterns, and a passion for creating music that will be enjoyed by mainstream rap fans, and hip-hop purists alike. JOn Black became versed in music from listening to his mother’s oldies tapes, featuring artists like The Stylistics, The Delphonics and many more. As a child he transferred between Sacramento Ca, and San Diego Ca, which led to his exposure to many different styles of music. As he got older he began to delve into Rap and R&B. While an avid fan of many genres, JOn Black didn’t begin writing or producing any music until the age of 16. At 16 he returned to San Diego, more specifically the gang-infested streets of “Southeast Daygo.” Growing up in “The Southeast” exposed him to a much grittier side of life than he had previously known and the lessons it has taught him can be heard throughout his music. It was during this time JOn Black began to get more deeply involved
011 SXSW in Austin, Tx. Under the direction of Management company, Flycat Music Group, 011, Jon Black signed and artist deal with Orkestra Entertainment.


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