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Introduction to Black History Month Remix By: Eric Blair

Introduction to Black History Month Remix By: Eric Blair

And we’re back!

This week’s blog will be very brief; more like a remix to last year’s introduction for Black History Month. I am excited to showcase famous African Americans or Black people throughout history each day of the month of February. Each individual I’ve picked has one thing in common. I feel as if Black History Month isn’t celebrated the way it should be celebrated. Honestly, I am proud to be Black; free and able to do the things our predecessors fought so hard for. Look at all the obstacles our people have been through; slavery, emancipation, lynching, Jim Crow, segregation, Civil Rights Movement, the Aids epidemic, etc. No matter how many obstacles stand in our path, we strived to be the best and to better ourselves. We were told we’re nothing but monkeys and coons. Look at Black people now; we’re some of the greatest pioneers in the world today. We have climbed so far in America. We have built America with our blood, sweat, tears, and our ancestors’ lifeless bodies. We’re so beautiful; sometimes we forget about that because of what the media portrays Caucasians or fair skinned African Americans as being beautiful. We are an amazing group of people, regardless of our skin complexion! We are not niggers, we’re kings and queens. We’re talented people, millionaires, geniuses, and freedom fighters. I just want everyone to see the other heroes of Black History other then Martin Luther King, Malcolm-X, Maya Angelou, Oprah, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love those great figures I’ve just mentioned but there are a lot more to Black History than just those figures. I want to showcase some of the lesser known African Americans and Black people throughout history. I am showcasing some marvelous Black people other then Tyler Perry, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Halle Berry, and Yandy. In my opinion, some of the modern day African American figures aren’t great role models for our youth. People, there were great figures before these modern day figures like Cornell West, Fredrick Douglass, Nella Nelson, and Langston Hughes. I want the world to know there are other great Black figures in history. I am excited to present these wonderful facts and pieces of knowledge to you all throughout the month of February.


So, sit back and enjoy this month long celebration of Black History.

Hope you all enjoy; see you guys Wednesday, February 1st!


About Mr. Blair

Eric Blair was born in August of 1984 in Philadelphia, PA, and raised in the North Philly section of the city. He has always enjoyed stories, schemes, and the complexities of plots. At a young age he discovered that he could create narratives full of adventures, creativity, and intrigue. It was this realization that caused him to fall in love with the art of storytelling. At age of twenty-one Eric began writing comic books. His first professional book “Hip-Hop Chronicles” was written for Space Dawg Entertainment in 2004. Eric’s writing style ranges from descriptive to expository writing, where the writing serves to explain and inform the audience. He uses thoroughly developed characters, clever situations, and witty conversation style and tone to keep readers engaged. Eric is inspired by authors who can evoke an emotional response from the reader, as well as authors who can blend elements of fact with fiction to construct a great piece. Eric is currently working on a series of comic books that are soon to be published, his recent writings have been guest featured on several online blogs. He works on perfecting his craft by consistently updating his work, editing pieces, reviewing the latest relevant material, and surrounding his self with like minded, creative, intelligent people.

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