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My Love From Paris: Sunset in Paris – Short Story By: Eric Blair

My Love From Paris: Sunset in Paris – Short Story By: Eric Blair
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It ‘appened so fast…Our whole day was like a blur or a day kip. Hm…She was right by my side frum the moment Ah awoken. Ah lied beside ‘er and watched ‘er sleep. The sun ‘it ‘er face and it was the most beautiful t’ing in my lifetime, Eli. Ah love ‘er, that’s all that was goin’ through my mind. Hm. Ah may be a vicious bastard twenty-four ‘ours a day but when Ah’m near ‘er Ah jus’ wanna give ‘er all my luv. All Ah ever wanted ta do was luv ‘er, Eli. That’s all Ah ever wanted.


The moment she opened ‘er eyes Ah was there; it was a Tuesday in Paris. Ah said ta ‘er…


“Top o’ mornin’ ta ya, luv. ‘Ow did ya sleep?”

Asia says ta me, “I slept well, hun. ‘Ow about you?”

Ah said, “Ah was antsy throughout the nite. Ah t’ink Ah ‘ad a nite terror.”

She says, “About what?”

Ah said, “Ah’m not sure yet, me dodgin’ death once more.”

She says, “Well aren’t you a lucky, bloke?”

Ah said, “Ah guess. Ah ‘ave a surprise for ya taday.”


She leaves the bed wit’ completely not’ing on, such a beautiful sight, Ah tell ya. She looked over ‘er shoulder back at me lyin’ in the bed cuz ‘er back was towards me. She smirked wit’ admiration in ‘er eyes for me. She says ta me,


“Eammmmy, what more do you ‘ave ta show me? I am already in love wit’ you. You do not need to win me over, Prince Charming. I appreciate you, hun.”

Ah said, “I jus’ wanna show ya that Ah luv you more than anyt’ing in this world. Ah would burn this world down ta only rebuild it for ya, Asia.”


As she ties ‘er robe she looks down wit’ a big smile on ‘er face as she’s blushin’ like a school girl. Ah jus’ wanna make ‘er happy. She then looks up at me wit’ a straight face and says ta me,

“So what’s the surprise, Eamy?”

Ah said, “Now it wouldn’t be a surprise if Ah spilled the beans.”


She folded ‘er arms across ‘er chest and pouts like a spoiled child. Ah use ta luv the way she pouted ‘er lips, Ah could jus’ suck on ‘er bottom lip for ‘ours. She says ta me,


“Fine! I am getting inta the shower.”


She walks away frum me wit’ a ‘int of sassiness in ‘er step. All Ah could do is smile cuz Ah was in ‘eaven and that where Ah wanted ta be. She enters the washroom, ‘er arm extends out o’ the washroom and drops ‘er robe onta the floor. And then she peek ‘er ‘ead outta the washroom and seductively said ta me,


“Would you like ta join me? Maybe wash my back?”

Ah said, “Ah would luv ta.”


Three ‘ours later we were ready ta set out onta our trip ta the country side of Paris. Ah blindfolded ‘er, we talked and talked the entire ride over ‘bout any and everyt’ing. That is one of the t’ing Ah miss ‘bout ‘er, she could talk my ears off but I would luv it cuz Ah enjoyed engagin’ conversations wit’ ‘er. We drove for a ‘our and ‘alf, Ah can’t keep my eyes off of ‘er. Ha, Ah almost crashed frum starin’ at ‘er. Eli, if you could ‘ave met Asia, she was stunnin’, like an angel or Foxy Brown frum the seventies. The sight o’ the country side was so pulchritudinous ta my senses. Ah realized Ah was at peace wit’ myself and this world. Ah looked over ta my left ta see Asia. Ah kept tellin’ myself, this is it. Ah am done, Ah am settlin’ down wit’ ‘er. Kids, maybe a dog; ya know dogs freak me the fuck out. True story! Put it in the book. Ah digress, so, we arrived ta our destination, Ah took the blindfold off o’ her eyes. ‘Er jaw instantly dropped frum the sight o’ three men holdin’ down a ‘ot air balloon. She was frantic wit’ ‘er movements o’ joy and excitement as she looked over at me and screamed,

“AHHHHHHH! Is this for me?! Please say yes. Say yes!”


Ah looks ‘er in ‘er eyes wit’ a big smile o’ accomplishment on my face.


Ah said, “O’ course it is.”


One of the well dressed men opened the door ta air balloon ta reveal a small table with two chairs across frum one ‘nother; on the table was two bottles of white wine, cheese, and crackers. Fancy, huh? ‘Nother well dressed man welcomed us inta the balloon. Asia begins ta cry, the tears were runnin’ down ‘er face like a sparklin’, crystal stream runnin’ through a wilderness. The sun only made her tears sparkle like stars in the sky. She yelled out in a fit o’ joy,


“Thank you so much! You actually do listens ta me!”


We enjoyed one ‘nother’s company as we slowly soared over the country side of Paris. Sippin’ on wine and nippin’ away on cheese and crackers. The air was fresh and the sun was radiant; birds were flyin’ by and there wasn’t a shade as far as our eyes could see. We were the travelin’ shade over Paris, the greatest place in the world.



Eli says, “Trevor are you alright?”

Trevor says, “Everyt’ing is Robin Hood”


Trevor’s eye begun to water with tears, he takes a huge gulp.


Trevor says, “Let’s continue.”


Asia continues ta admire the scenery above Paris as Ah stared at ‘er wit’ a lite smile on my face. She turns ta me and says,


“Why are you starin’ at me like that?”

Ah said, “Like what.”

She says, “Like you love me so much, like I am the reason your heart beats. You stares at me each moment as if you’re going to awake from a dream. I am here, baby, I am real, I exist, and I love, cherish, and adore you, Trevor Eames Bigglesworth.”


When she spoken those words ta me, Ah felt luv and kinda shy. Ah actually blushed when she told me that. Ah placed the tip of my index finger under ‘er chin and looked ‘er in ‘er eyes and said,


“Ah love you, Asia. Ah am sorry ‘bout last nite. Ah am sorry for the lies also, Ah will be upfront and ‘onest wit’ you frum ‘ere on out. Ta be quite frank Ah am read—”


Asia interrupts me ta say,


“It’s not about the lies or ‘onesty, it’s about what you do! You’re a terrorist and you ‘ave killed innocent—”


Ah bangs on the table knockin’ down my glass and yells,


“None of those cunts are innocent! Each person Ah murdered was dirty in some way! Ah told you why Ah do this—!”


She interrupts me once more,


“I know, I know, ta protect the world from the “real monster.” Continue but I can’t sleep next ta a psychopath each night.”


Ah look deeply inta her eyes and says,


“Ah do this all for you and mum.”


Minutes pass wit’ not’ing but silence and sippin’. The tension was so thick it should ‘ave busted the balloon. Soon after the minutes passed we landed in a park in Paris. Children crowded ‘round us in the park ta play in the air balloon. Ah paid a little Asian kid fifty Euros ta watch the balloon while we walk over ta the café. We walked over ta Les Deux Magots, nice place ta get a bite. We took that was located one table over frum the window. She was still kinda cold towards me. Ah looked ‘er in ‘er eyes and smiled. She rolled ‘er eyes at me and changed the course o’ ‘er eyes as ‘er arm were folded across ‘er chest.Bristolwomen are feisty like cookin’ fat. The waiter came over ta the table for our orders, Ah ordered us both waters wit’ lemons. Ah allow a minute ta pass before Ah begun talkin’ again. Ah said ta Asia,


“Oi! What ya doin’ for the rest o’ ya life?”

She says “I don’t know, being happy with children. Why do you ask, do you have any plans for me?”

Ah said, “Funny ya that say, Ah was kinda t’inkin’ ‘bout us.”

She says as her arms are still folded across her chest wit’ attitude written all over ‘er face. “And what that might be?”


Ah reaches inta my pocket and pulled out a blue small box. Ah opened the box in ‘er direction and ‘er eyes jus’ lit up like Christmas candles. There was a six carrot platinum princess cut diamond ring in the box waitin’ on ‘er ta wear. She released a howlin’ scream that startled people nearby our table. Tears begun ta roll down ‘er face, off ‘er chin, onta the table. At that moment, time could ‘ad stopped or déjà vu itself could ‘ave looped this moment and Ah would ‘ave been fine wit’ that. She looked me inta my eyes and said ta me,


“Trevor, is this—”

Ah said, “Will ya marry me?”

She said, “I would love ta but I can’t.”


My voice begun to quiver and face shown a look o’ confusion, Ah said,


“Why? Ah thought ya love me?”

She says, “I do but I can’t continue ta live like this?”

Ah said, “And that would be?”

She says, “In fear, fear of ‘earin’ your name on the world news because you ‘ave blown up an embassy or killed by an agent. I can’t continue to live a lie, I do love you with all my ‘eart, I promise I do but I am not happy with t’ings. I am not happy being alone each and every night. How can you marry me, protect the world, your mum, and our children if we decided ta ‘ave sum?”

Ah utters, “Ummm?”

She says, “Exactly! Do you really want to birth children inta this world, your world of mayhem and chaos? Your mum just was kidnapped, so how can you protect your family if those “real monster” found your mother? I am sorry, Trevor, I can’t be with you anymore; I can’t live this life with you one more minute. I love you more than anyt’ing in this world but I just can’t. I am so sorry. I am sorry.”


‘Er voice quivers; tear ran down ‘er face like rain pourin’ in London. She continues ta utter ta me,


“I am so sorry. ‘Onestly, I am truly sorry, Eamy. I love you. I am so sorry.”


Ah felt my eyes begin ta water and my heart started ta race cuz Ah t’ink my heart was breakin’ at that moment.  Ah’ve never been this nervous in my life, Ah franticly played wit’ our silverware the entire time she was talkin’ ta me. Ah finally looked ‘er in ‘er face as tears and snot were rollin’ down ‘er face. Ah lowly uttered,


“Ah can’t take this right now, Ah’ll be back.”


Ah walked away frum the table, leavin’ the opened box on the table as Ah walked over ta our waiter ta cancel our order. As Ah looked over my shoulder ta look back at Asia’s beautiful face, three armed men wit’ uzis approached the window o’ the café. Ah screamed ta Asia,



Shots had begun ta rain through the window o’ the café, quite a few ‘it Asia. She falls ta the floor bloodin’ through ‘er chest, shoulder, stomach, and ‘ip. ‘Er face is in shear terror, reachin’ out for me as Ah throw a couple onta the ground so Ah can pick their table up and use as a shield as shots still riddles through the café and customers. Asia continues ta reach for me wit’ blood cumin’ frum ‘er wounds and mouth screamin’,


“Eammmmmmy, help, it burns! Please, it burns! Oh, Go—”


As Ah quickly rus’ed towards ‘er, at that split second my life frozen; outta the sea o’ bullets enterin’ the café one ‘its Asia directly in ‘er temple. Enters the right side and exits outta the left side o’ ‘er face wit’ fragments o’ brain trailin’ behind the ‘ot, speedin’ bullet. ‘Er moth just vomits a little blood mixed wit’ salvia as the light in ‘er eyes slowly dimmers. She ‘its the floor and everyt’ing at that moment moved in fast motion. Ah threw the table Ah was holdin’ as a shield through the window at the gunmen in the middle o’ the trio. Ah pulled out my nine frum the back belt hostler and shot the two gunmen on each end dead center in their fore’ead. Ah also shot the third gunmen lyin’ on the ground in the fore’ead. Ah raced over ta Asia and wrapped ‘er lifeless body in my arm. Ah listened for ‘eartbeat, there was none. Ah tried ta blow life inta ‘er lungs but the only t’ing that was active on ‘er body was ‘er eyes. ‘Er eyes were slowly seepin’ life frum ‘em. ‘Er eyes slowly darken wit’ the shimmer disapperin’ each second that passed. Ah places my ‘and under ‘er chin starin’ inta ‘er lifeless face, screamin’.


“No, no, no! This is a dream, wake up, Asia. Please, wake up! Ya ‘ave ta wake up. Ah’m so sorry! Please, pretty please! Help! Someone help us! Help us! Help us! Aidez-nous! Aidez-nous!


Trevor rubs his eyes with his whole hand across his face. The devil wasn’t always the devil; something made him cry or someone. I say to him,


“Are you okay, Trevor?”

He violently yells back with his cracking voice, “Bb-Bug off, arsehole. Give me a moment before Ah get agro wit’ you.”


Trevor walks off into the night with his right hand over his eyes, quietly sobbing in the shadows of this urban jungle. I don’t know if I should go after him and give the poor guy a hug or chalk his story up as indirect karma. There is nothing I could do to change a thing, terrorist or not, no man should ever watch his future wife murdered, helplessly. May God bless Asia’s soul and hopefully the two may meet again someday.


About Mr. Blair

Eric Blair was born in August of 1984 in Philadelphia, PA, and raised in the North Philly section of the city. He has always enjoyed stories, schemes, and the complexities of plots. At a young age he discovered that he could create narratives full of adventures, creativity, and intrigue. It was this realization that caused him to fall in love with the art of storytelling. At age of twenty-one Eric began writing comic books. His first professional book “Hip-Hop Chronicles” was written for Space Dawg Entertainment in 2004. Eric’s writing style ranges from descriptive to expository writing, where the writing serves to explain and inform the audience. He uses thoroughly developed characters, clever situations, and witty conversation style and tone to keep readers engaged. Eric is inspired by authors who can evoke an emotional response from the reader, as well as authors who can blend elements of fact with fiction to construct a great piece. Eric is currently working on a series of comic books that are soon to be published, his recent writings have been guest featured on several online blogs. He works on perfecting his craft by consistently updating his work, editing pieces, reviewing the latest relevant material, and surrounding his self with like minded, creative, intelligent people.


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