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T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle Episodes 1 – 6 (Full Video) By @Miss_Shonnie

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle Episodes 1 – 6 (Full Video) By @Miss_Shonnie

Once again, episodes from most recent to oldest…
Bad and Sneaky.
Tip’s head explodes when he finds out his youngest daughter Deyjah has a boyfriend.

I Will Put My Foot On Your Back Pocket.
Tiny and T.I. are back in Los Angeles after their last disastrous trip to the city. Tip’s there for work but
Tiny and friends are there for play. The girls make a trip to the plastic surgeon but the visit is not exactly what one friend was expecting. A phone call from home puts Tip on the defense as he heads back to Atlanta early.

Stacks on Deck.
Tip’s son Domani hopes to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a famous rapper. Will his first performance in front of thousands of fans scare him back to reality? Meanwhile Tiny continues to make progress toward owning her own nail salon, but her best friend Shakinah has a few ideas of her own. Can
Tiny reject her friend’s crazy ideas and still keep their relationship in tact?

America‘s Sweetheart.
Pop music superstar Taylor Swift invites T.I. to perform at her concert in Atlanta. T.I. struggles with the idea that performing with America‘s sweetheart might ruin his hard core image. On top of that, being in prison has thrown off his performance game. Can he pull it together before the big day? Meanwhile the OMG Girlz prepare for their first concert, and as their manager Tiny’s nerves are wrecked! Will all of the work she’s put into the group finally pay off, or will they fall flat?

T.I. is finally back with his family, but getting settled into his routine at home isn’t easy. With his first performance days away his family and professional life are clashing! With too many obligations overlapping he’s faced with a decision could set him back in a big way.

Family Hustle
Episode Synopsis: A reality series that traces the private moments and family life of rapper T.I. In the premiere, T.I. tries to get his life back on track and reconnect with his family after time served in prison, but a disquieting phone call delays the family reunion. Original Air Date: Dec 5, 2011

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