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Bells Bells Bells – Housekeeping By The Lake (Music Video)

Bells Bells Bells – Housekeeping By The Lake (Music Video)

Housekeeping By the Lake from Pablo Agua on Vimeo.

Bells Bells Bells featuring lead vocalist Amandah Romick have a new video for the song “Housekeeping By The Lake” from their album A Ghost Could Live Here. From the band:

The song is inspired by Marilyn Robinson’s 1980 novel Housekeeping. It contemplates how one’s identity is shaped by land, and the generations of people and choices that prop up reality as we perceive it. Director Andrew Bateman brings another level of texture to the song through imagery, and conveys beautifully the way the children we were and the adults we become coexist within our sense of selves, as well as the surreal and psychedelic nature of our dreams and memory through film. Shot in the Pine Barrens and a historical Victorian house, the history and the timelessness of nature evident in these locations captures the mood of the song.


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