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Love & Hip Hop: Season 2, Episodes 2 x 3 (Full Video)

Love & Hip Hop: Season 2, Episodes 2 x 3 (Full Video)

“B—-, I’m Fuego”
Emily’s emancipation party played like an MMA cage match. In the aftermath, everyone tries to make sense of it. But battle lines are beginning to emerge. Yandy gives Chrissy a self-help book aimed at troublesome mother-in-laws. The book instantly creates more problems than it solves. Somaya has a big showcase coming up but she’s not getting much support from her manager Maurice who books ballerinas instead of B-Boys for back-up dancers. When she finally does make it to the stage, the dancers are perfect … her wardrobe, not so much.

Episode 3 Below…

A Toast To Kimbella
The battle between Chrissy and Yandy escalates after Yandy expresses interest in managing Somaya. Feeling disrespected, Yandy goes AWOL and Jim Jones misses a show AND a big pay day. Emily gets the keys to her new place and has her first house guest, good friend and recording artist Teairra Mari. Teairra wants to help Emily transition to the single life and drags her to an industry event; turns out it’s a party to celebrate Kimbella’s cover photo on “Black Men’s Magazine.”

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