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11:11:11 Time Of Oneness Gathering

11:11:11 Time Of Oneness Gathering

A Wellness Evolution / Ras Ben Production
Come Join Us For The 11:11:11
$11 For The Whole Day!

11  is a masternumber which represents twin spiraling DNA.
11:11 is a code in time for higher dimensional activation………
Time of Oneness Gathering
This event is a forum to address the relevant issues facing humanity’s survival as we approach the year 2012.
Friday‘s events will include workshops & two meditation/activations at 11:11am & then at 11:11pm. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!
Delicious healing food & market place all-day!
Free Crystals shared at 11:11am Activation
Ras Ben – Mayan / Olmec / Star Nation Prophecies / Crystal Clarity
Bob Eure – UFO-ology / Astrology
Katriel – Music Medicine
Mama Gail – We Are The Ones We Are Waiting For
Sista Bev – Science of Raw Vegan Lifestyle
Karim Darwish – Chi Gong / Energy work
Anpu – Astrological & Aura Analysis
El Hagan – Wild Herbs for Surviving & Thriving
Shahid Shabazz – Astronomy / Earth Changes
Empress Thandi – Yoga to Heal ThyselfMuch More!!!!!!!!
Date:       Friday 11/11/11                                           
Time:     10 am – 12 midnite
Place:    Songhai City Cultural Center 3117 Master St, Phila, PA 19121
Contact: for tickets & vendor pricing or call

Schedule of Events
10:00 AM:
Doors Open
10:30 AM:    
Libation and Nia of 11:11 Activation: Ras Ben
11:00 AM:
Opening Activation: Mama Gail & Katriel Wise
We Are The Ones We Are Waiting For’
 11:11 AM      
 Group Activation
12:00 PM       
Yoga for Activation: Empress Thandi
1:00 PM:     
Panel: Mystical Philadelphia and the 11:11 Activation:
Empress Thandi, El Ha Gahn, Mama Gail, Ras Ben, Anpu
                        Topics include:
Philadelphia in Prophecy;
Philadelphia Ley Lines and Vortexes:
Mound Pyramids;
Shachemaxon & Philadelphia as the Indigenous Capitol of the Algonquin;
Janannes Kelpius :& the Rosicrucian legacy;
 Surviving in this Region Indigenously
3:00 PM       
People of Color Living Off of the Grid: Activation Actualization: Jason & Leslie
4:00 PM       
The Importance of a Raw Vegan Lifestyle: Activation Vitalization:
Sister Bev
5:00 PM  
Sunset Chi Gong Activation Exercises: Professor Karim
6:00 PM        
Surviving Earth Changes through Activation: Shahid Shabazz
7:00 PM       
Tribute Return of the Star Nations/Bob Eure Tribute: Ras Ben & Bob Eure
10:00 PM    
Galactic Activation: Katriel and Ras Ben
Spirit Music by Katriel
11:11 PM
Group Activation
Arrive by 11:00 AM and receive a free crystal as part of the 11:11 AM activation!!!
Live Food – Available All Day!!!
Aura Analysis by Anpu – Available All Day!!!
High-Frequency Vendor Marketplace – All Day


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