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Entourage: Season 08, Episode 6 – The Big Bang (Full Video)

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Episode Summary: Oh good, gratuitous T&A shots. There really hasn’t been enough of those this season. Girls riding motorcycles, girls playing ping pong. And yet, the boys aren’t batting eyelashes — all conversation is focused on Eric and Sloane’s ex-step-mom-in-law (sadly I just used all hyphens allotted to this recap). The boys leave Vince at his Vanity Fair photo shoot (if this seriously represents a shoot for that magazine, I covet their art budget), and he pretends he’s not worried about how his interview went with Sophia.

Ari meets with his lawyer about his pending divorce: Mrs. Ari’s entitled to half his earnings — for life — and his business. Good news? There’s only a slim chance she’ll get full custody of the kids.

E avoids calls from Melinda, but Drama decides to take Billy’s call — who’s awesomely dolled up as a pirate for one of his five children’s birthdays. Drama’s walkout from Johnny’s Bananas has lasted longer than promised and now the production company/network is withholding payment. Billy is not a happy pirate. Then E can’t avoid Melinda anymore — she has a bow-wrapped Meredes-Benz SLS delivered to his office. He arranges a meeting. I guess the way to E’s heart is through his driveway.

While Turtle heads to LAX to pick up his restaurant friends from back east — let his food empire begin! — Vince’s fears are realized. Sophia calls him an “Insecure womanizer” in the article (though I wonder how he and Shauna got their hands on it before publication). He calls it an inaccurate article … I think it’s spot on. He walks off the photo shoot, telling Shauna they can sort out an “inaccurate photo.

Ari tries to woo Babs into loaning him $11-million so that he can buy Mrs. Ari out. She politely declines. And Lloyd tries to convince Johnny to get back to work (claiming the network has ordered extra episodes of Mike & Molly — horror!) to compensate for his walkout. Johnny politely declines.

Melinda tells E to chill out when he reveals he doesn’t want to represent her, or keep her car. She tells him she’s not looking for a relationship. Turns out nor is E, so this is a pretty good client-agent relationship from the sound of things. She heads to the bathroom and Johnny Galecki rears his head again, revealing that Melinda tried to sleep with him last year at the Golden Globes. He also reveals that he’s dating Sloan. E’s day just got hella bad.

More practically naked girls prance as Turtle tries to woo the Don Pepe geniuses from out east. Mrs. Don Pepe wants to meet stars from Glee, or at least David Spade. Mr. Don Pepe brushes Turtle’s restaurant aspirations off for a Lakers’ game.

Vince confronts Sophia at a restaurant, and tries to convince her that he has “good relationships with woman.” He wants to change how she thinks, but in doing so only reinforces what she already thinks.

Ari decides he wants to talk to Mrs. Ari — against his lawyer’s advice. Turns out Bobby Flay is cooking dinner for two at chez Mrs. Ari. She freaks out and flees from Flay, well, to the front door anyway. Ari wants to talk business, she says she can’t talk right now. Ari clues in. “Is Flay in my f—ing house?” Ari is crushed, and tells Mrs. Ari (whose first name is apparently Melissa) that he’s going to let the lawyers handle it. He really has changed.

In other confrontations, Drama meets up with Dice to let him know that the network’s cancelling the show. Officially. Dice compares their “struggle” with a group 30 men who went on a hunger strike for no doubt a much nobler cause. Phil calls Drama about VInce’s miner movie. Turns out Les Moonves wants Phil to produce, but Phil’s going to hold the movie hostage until Johnny returns to work. Dice peer pressures, and Drama cries “Sorry Phil!” into the phone before hyperventilating. Phil then calls Dice. Johnny’s Bananas is cancelled. Wait! Dice jokes! They caved! Dice and Drama get to be animated monkeys after all! (I just used all the exclamation marks allotted to this recap.)

Vince is trying to sooth his ego by consulting ex-flings to ensure they felt respected by him. He asks Turtle how many deep, serious relationships he’s had. Turtle can’t think of any. E can’t stop thinking about his own serious relationship and wants to know if Scott knew about Sloane and Galecki. Scott says no, and E tells him to fire Galecki or he’ll be fired. Still no word on whether E is keeping the car.


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