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City Government and Media Launch “I Pledge Philly”

City Government and Media Launch “I Pledge Philly”

Government officials, local activists and media leaders took to the Mayor’s Reception Room this morning to announce I Pledge Philly, a city-wide community effort dedicated to announcing a personal responsibility pledge in the name of making the city safer.

Those in attendance included Mayor Michael Nutter, Star of the Star and Buc Wild Morning Show and others from radio outlets like Radio One, Clear Channel and WURD.

Star, whose real name is Troi Torain, recently made headlines when he announced his own ‘Start Snitching’ Campaign, encouraging youth and others who witness crimes to report them to the Philadelphia Police Department.

“Pledge is a promise, a goal, an opportunity,” said Mayor Nutter, who gave the first remarks. He believes the local effort will help residents “choose peace to make Philadelphia a better city.”

He and the group explained that the city and partners will use various forms of media – radio, Internet, etc. – as a supplement to vocal pledges those make in their own communities. He said pledges can take the form of community service, mentoring a young person, getting to know your neighbors better or whatever else.

Nutter’s own pledge for the program: “I pledge to increase the number of college and high school graduates.”

Radio DJ Star told the audience he planned on using his voice in the media to inspire, motivate and educate today’s generation and “Chip away at the wall of ignorance.”

Those interested can go online to make their own pledges through the program’s Twitter feed or Facebook page.

Reached after the press conference, Star told PW he felt the need to start his Start Snitching Campaign and get involved with the city government because it’s become obvious the “appetite of some misguided people and young people in the city” is “clearly out of control.”

Star told media outlets back in June that the ‘Start Snitching’ Campaign, which he began in New York City in 2002, as well, isn’t just words but something he’s taken on personally. When asked about his “street credibility” in regards to this, he told, “I don’t give a fuck about street credibility.”

“[The city has] got their own agenda, too,” he told PW. “They’ve been dealing with this before I came to town…I’m just pleased to be invited.”


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