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You Ain’t Married! – By: TheSweetestPeach

You Ain’t Married! – By: TheSweetestPeach
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Right to it!
Let me tell y’all something, before marriage is boyfriend & girlfriend or at least that’s how it use to work. Now people lie about even being married. Just because your not married doesn’t mean you should not respect your partner, once you agree to be in a relationship with someone you have committed yourself to that person. If you have other intentions why even waste someone’s time?  What is the point of being in a relationship if there is no plan to move forward? Bored? Just passing time? I actually met someone that claimed to get in a different relationship every six months or so to avoid the possibility of becoming to attached or getting hurt but I can tell you one thing, there is no time limit on either of those things.
Seriously, many people tend to get in relationships for the wrong reasons. There have been many occasions someone has not been able to tell me why they are even in a relationship. I’m talking about that long ass pause type of response.
I understand at a young age things are different, mostly because the same things instilled in people back in the day are not being applied anymore.
We all want to be happy, right? That would be a legitimate assumption until you see the characteristics some people carry. I will never stop saying this: love is great some just aren’t ready / can’t handle it. I am not perfect, I don’t pretend I am & I know no one is perfect – but being aware of your flaws embracing them & attempting to work on them is something that will add to the process of reaching a higher level of happiness. It is difficult but helps not only you but also whoever you may be with at the time. Regardless of who you are with, they can only add to your happiness but it is imperative to be happy with yourself. In my eyes relationships have a purpose, the purpose(s) being: to build a foundation with someone, grow with them, learn from them, teach them, start a family & many other things I need not name. A relationship should be more than aCohabitation, it should be more involved, have a long-term purpose that consists of moving forward & building that foundation instead of just simply doing it.
This piece came out a lot different than anticipated but my main goal is to express how I feel, my mindset about relationships has never changed but how I apply those things are is different, old school in a sense. I know many people who want to be happy but are afraid to take the bad with the good to get there with someone so they do people wrong & still expect to be in that ” dream ” relationship. Relationships are not easy, I’ll vouch for that, I will also add that they are made more difficult than they need to be at times – we are humans who make mistakes but if you put your all in & do right on your part, you will be blessed with a love like no other. Just know it could take more time than you want but never forget it can happen. Everyone has bad relationships, everyone gets hurt, it is apart of life. . .makes you stronger is you allow it too. If you say you haven’t been hurt, well, I’ll have a piece for you to read at a later date.

Thanks for reading!
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    You Ain’t Married! – By: TheSweetestPeach –


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