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Seven African Countries Are Preparing For War Against NATO in Libya

Seven African Countries Are Preparing For War Against NATO in Libya
At the summit of the African countries which will be held on Thursday in Malobu, the capital of Equatorial Guinea, according to the newspaper, shall adopt a resolution which NATO calls for an urgent cease bombing of Libya.
Seven countries in Africa that are trying to mediate in resolving the crisis, the Alliance will seek an immediate cease-fire. Otherwise, these countries will gather in the alliance and fight against NATO. How sourced Šerkul Avsata , this decision of the African countries is not a maneuver or an attempt to threaten, rather than a serious decision that this country believe the only solution to the crisis in Africa, especially in Libya by the NATO alliance destroyed and burned, and does not intend to stop it. At the summit of the African Union, will be discussed on a number of issues, important reports and activities. But the most important point of the meeting will be “a crisis in Libya.” The African Union will again try to reach a political settlement and to stop the fratricidal war in Libya.
Summit participants were assured that the Libyan government and the separatists want to stop the conflict, to have them ivjerili their representatives during the visit to Tripoli and Benghazi. But what most concerns of African leaders is murderous, aggressive visit to NATO on Libya, which does not intend to stop, despite calls from around the world. Commanders and soldiers of NATO largely violated the resolution, proscribed by the UN Security Council. Therefore, the African Union, and must decide on the serious steps. President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, several times, as the representative of the African Union, visited Tripoli and Benghazi. He is well acquainted with the situation in Libya. On the eve of the summit of the African Union, Zuma had a meeting with steel Mauritania, Mali and Uganda, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Congo. Conducted interviews with the president of Equatorial Guinea. So that all participants of the forthcoming summit familiar with the situation in Libya. Since the summit is expected much, and how Africa has an impact on its soil, it remains to be seen.


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