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Mumia Abu Jamal – To Our Friends in Venezuela

Mumia Abu Jamal – To Our Friends in Venezuela

Mumia Abu Jamal – To Our Friends in Venezuela

To Our Friends in Venezuela;

Hola, mis hermanos y hermanas de Venezuela Afro descendencias!

Congratulations on the official and national celebrations of the month of May for the Venezuelan Afro-descendant community. The struggle for Black liberty, dignity and power is a global struggle, one which runs through almost every country on earth. That’s because, of course, the world’s first globalist system was the international slave industry, where millions of Africans were transferred to the America, north and south, as well as to North Africa, and throughout the Middle East, to enrich others. We, therefore, are part of each other, and have been for centuries; and hopefully will be for centuries to come!

We celebrate, with you, the advances of the Bolivarian Revolution, which has expanded the areas of public and civil life for many Afro-Descendents, and furthers the struggle against racism, and marginalism. We know , from our study of history, that many Latin countries have centuries of racism and negrophobia in its past, and some have tried to create a new future for all their people, whether white, African or Indian. We look at Venezuela and see it taking significant strides in that direction, not just in word, but in deed as well.

We therefore stand with and salute our brothers and sisters in Venezuela, as they try to build a space of freedom, dignity, independence, and progress outside of the U.S. Empire!

On A Move!
With my best wishes,
Mumia Abu-Jamal

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