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Catch Up: Arablak

Catch Up: Arablak

Atlanta-based, central Massachusetts bred emcee Arablak is prepping to take his place atop the list of artists to look out for. A student of Hip Hop culture, Arablak stands out not only for his impressive music, but the way it takes listeners back to a time when music was a simple feel-good experience, no gimmicks required.

Not a newcomer to the music scene, Arablak has been developing his skills for years. Rhyming since his youth, he’s since fine tuned his skills and is not only a fierce lyrical emcee, but also an incredible songwriter who can paint stories, draw emotions and sketch out revolutions with his rhymes. In addition to the emceeing, Arablak has been putting in work behind the boards as a producer and has developed a sound that is just as much true school as it is innovative.

Continuing off the built momentum from his banging single/video “The Deed”, Arablak aka Bliggs is putting the finishing touches on his full-length debut, “Fresh Heir” a musical proclamation; challenging Hip Hop artists to step up their game. The album blends different sounds, styles and content- honesty, aggression, intelligence, compassion, reverence- packaged in a sound appealing to Hip Hop fans of any generation.
Now working under the guidance of DMG Management, Arablak is ready to bring Hip Hop fans across the world refreshing and meaningful music. He’s paid his dues and is ready to take his place amongst Hip Hop’s elite.


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