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Connecticut Quadruplets Will Attend Yale

Connecticut Quadruplets Will Attend Yale
After each received an offer of early acceptance to Yale last fall, the Crouch quadruplets of Danbury, Conn., went on to collect letters of admission this spring from more than a dozen other colleges.
Their suitors included Harvard and Johns Hopkins (Kenny); Duke (Raymond); Tufts (Kenny and Carol); New York University (Carol and Martina), and Wesleyan (all four.)
In the end, they told me over the phone on Tuesday evening, none of them was as captivated by a campus as they were, collectively, by Yale’s.
“We went to the school on admitted students’ day,” Kenny said, of a visit the four made to the New Haven campus last week. “It was just such an amazing atmosphere. Everyone was friendly and down-to-earth.”
In accepting Yale’s offer, the four, who were the subject of a front page article in The New York Times in December, are believed to be the first quadruplets to enroll at the Ivy League institution.
One factor that had been working against Yale in its pursuit of all four Crouch siblings was the desire of at least several of them to strike out as individuals.
That concern evaporated, Martina said, when the four were immediately divided into separate tour groups at Yale last week. “At any given time, we weren’t usually together,” Martina said. “People around us took the time to get to know us individually.”
To get a feel for Yale as a solo act, Ray even joked to some of the people he met, at least initially, that his name was “Buckland” and that he was “from Wisconsin.”
The four also said that Yale was generous in its financial aid – if their parents were charged for full tuition, board and other fees, the cost would have been more than $200,000 a year – though they declined to specify what, exactly, the family would be spending on its Yale education.
Already, each sibling said, they had begun to seek out niches in their new school. Kenny said he was quickly drawn to the political union. Martina said she was excited to pursue her interest in poetry and story-writing – and perhaps someday to be published – as well as to work in the university’s art studios.
Kenny said he hoped the quadruplets’ experience in being admitted, en masse, might serve as motivation and inspiration for high school students weighing whether to apply to Yale or another school of their dreams.
“You don’t have to have connections, or be rich, or be a politician’s son or daughter,” he said. “Just be who you are.”
That said, the family fell short of a perfect batting average. All four said they had landed on the waiting list at Brown University.


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