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Mumia Abu Jamal – Reading Fanon

Mumia Abu Jamal – Reading Fanon

Mumia Abu Jamal – Reading Fanon

Fanon’s action is within the context of post-war marked by the ideological struggle between the Western bloc led by the United States and the socialist bloc led by the Soviet Union. The division is clear between the capitalist and the socialist bloc, a third world emerging in the years 1950-1960: it is the third world that also claimed his place in international relations and its share in the wealth sharing the planet. Third World states for the first time its political existence in 1955 at the Bandung Conference, proclaiming his refusal of the bipolar world. Many Third World leaders appear simultaneously with the movements of national liberation struggle and lead a more radical in Africa, Asia, Latin America. The 1960s were marked by violent repression and assassinations of politicians representing the struggle of oppressed peoples: bloody crackdown in Indonesia in 1965 (500,000 dead), assassination of Patrice Lumumba in the Congo, murder of Che Guevara in Bolivia, killing Malcolm X, Martin Luther King in the U.S., assassination of Mehdi Ben Barka in Morocco, the Rivonia trial in South Africa where Nelson Mandela and his companions were sentenced to life imprisonment …

Fanon, FLN activist, editor of the newspaper El-Mujahid, will represent the Provisional Government of the Republic of Algeria, without, knowing the victory achieved this dream in which he contributed so much. He said that the release by the killing of the colonial system and the opening of another channel. Fanon, whether the madness, racism or the “universalism” confiscated by the powerful, do not stop, basically, trying to put “living together”, like a transformation acts in situations where dominant and dominated each have everything to lose the perpetuation of existing orders and disorders. Fanon, this rebel, a rebel who fight tenaciously and flawless against domination by the powerful over the weak, enlightens us today about the relationship between fundamental one hand, the right to rebellion before a system social, political and economic plunges the world into disorder and secondly, a colonization of a new type.

This, the relevance of the ideas of Fanon, which is currently enjoying a boom in many countries around the world, although France remains curiously aloof from this movement.

The necessity of creation, liberation, the denial of a historical determinism that trace each time, before the colonized past and the “globalized” of today, forced to submit to market demands , determinism imposed by market forces and the rulers.

This alternative was presented yesterday, between the capitalist and the socialist system, Fanon, calling for the opening of another channel. And today, the same alternative choice may be between a universalism recovered by the powerful in the context of the capitalist system is also said globalization and the struggle to build an international society based on solidarity, cooperation and friendship between peoples. It is this political aspect of Fanon-known – and which now turns to a news indisputable.

Foundation Frantz Fanon, open structure and network, makes sense in this series of questions but also from the question posed by events and reading the world: What happens now at work Fanon, what about his presence and what he thought of building a “new humanity,” a universal plural? The Foundation positioned networks (Caribbean, U.S. and Latin America, France-Europe, Middle East, West Africa and East Africa and Asia), working across the board, must ensure the presence of labor to and from Fanon and the world today.

The peculiarity of the thought of Fanon, through the various lands he himself has invested, is to have them connected places that seemed distant from each other geographically (France, the Caribbean, the Maghreb, sub-Saharan Africa) or institutionally (the psychiatric hospital and politics). This work transversal networks should be used to connect places and compare his thoughts to the experiences, problems and issues of this and show the news because one of the dimensions of Fanon’s thought is the “globality. ”

Mireille Fanon-Mendès France,

Foundation President Frantz Fanon


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