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STIC.MAN Builds On The 3 Keys Of A Solid Fitness Regimen

STIC.MAN Builds On The 3 Keys Of A Solid Fitness Regimen



2. Flexibility and

3. Endurance.

These are not only the basics of a solid physical fitness regimen but metaphorically for life as well.

Cultivation of strength is necessary to develop power and force. Calisthenics, resistance training. Build destroy life your principles are your strength and foundation. The quality and validity and practicality of what you stand for is your strength.

Cultivation of flexibility is necessary for fluidity of motion and circulation of blood and therefore oxygen,efficiently. Yoga, stretching, deep breathing exercises, such as chi gung techniques and prana breathing. The constant changes in life requires flexibility as well to be agile emotionally enough to adapt with intelligence to changing moments.

The cultivation of endurance is necessary for continued exertion of energy. This is about the efficient coordination of the cardiovascular system. Heart, mind, muscle and breath working in harmony for maximum efficiency. Cardio. Running. Jump rope. Sparring.things that get the blood pumping and the heart rate moving for extended periods of time. Endurance is key in life because things take time to manifest and patience is a virtue. One has to be able to withstand overtime to reap the benefits of efforts expended.

So..strength without flexibility will crack under greater pressure. Flexibility without strength has no foundation and becomes weakness. Strength and flexibility with out endurance, is just for show and will wither away without consistent maintance over time.

But together..strength, flexibility and endurance reinforce and assist each other making the whole effect greater than the sum of its parts.

A regimen that does not include these 3 elements strength training, flexibility training and endurance training is unbalanced.

A life that is not lived with strong values, flexible approach to circumstances and an enduring spirit will also be out of balance.

The beauty of the 3 elements is that how you implement is infinitely up to you.

Rbg fit club-strength, flexibility, endurance.

Continued health and wellness and success in all your movements.


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