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GQ Says Philly Has “The Worst Sports Fans In America”

GQ Says Philly Has “The Worst Sports Fans In America”

In naming Eagles and Phillies supporters “The Worst Sports Fans In America,” GQ magazine spared no cliche. Booing Santa Claus and Michael Irvin. Pukeman (Donovan McNabb). Et cetera.

“All told, the Philadelphia stadiums house the most monstrous collection of humanity outside of the federal penal system,” reads a summary of the “heavily researched, highly scientific” study. “‘Some of these people would boo the crack in the Liberty Bell,’ baseball legend Pete Rose once said. More likely, these savages would have thrown the battery that cracked it.”

Since their offices are in a basement 5.7 miles from Yankee Stadium, GQ can be forgiven for not singing the praises of Phillies fans. After all, Cliff Lee did just that after spurning an extra $30 million from the Bronx, and especially since the story is included in an April issue with Derek Jeter as the cover boy. As comedian and WIP host Big Daddy Graham pointed out, they’re not sports gurus.

“GQ?! What in God’s name would they know about true sports fans?” Graham said. “If I need to be sure what color bow tie I should wear to a polo match, I’ll check with them. But as far as the Eagles and Phils are concerned, they should stop it with the lazy journalism, do some homework, and shut the bleep up.”


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