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Uhuru Radio: Amerikkka Killed Michael Jackson

Uhuru Radio: Amerikkka Killed Michael Jackson

Uhuru Radio director Nyabinga Dzimbahwe is joined by longtime radio host and African music historian Norman Otis Richmond for a special program remembering Michael Jackson and examining the life and struggles of this incredibly talented African man. Michael Jackson, who influenced nearly all performers who came after him, died on Thursday, June 25, 2009, and even after his death the imperialist media attacks him and his family as it does the African community in general. Michael Jackson’s talent grew out of the African community, and his torment came from an ideological assault waged against the African community by America that tells African people every day that one’s success is dependent on how white-like he or she is. This 2-hour special features songs by the artist, commentary by Richmond and Dzimbahwe, as well as by callers to the program.

From Show: The Music Speaks
Broadcast: Jun 29, 2009
Length: 119:50 minutes

Uhuru Radio: America Killed Michael Jackson


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    Ati the African Michael
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